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  • The Ares is the smallest moving head in the BSL family. He is equipped with a 60 watt RGBW LED from Osram and a big 94mm lens with a beam angle of 4,5 degrees. His movement are very smooth and fast, because of his endless 3-phase motors.

  • Goliath is the newest 3-in-1 Beam, Spot and Wash movinghead. The Goliath is using the high efficient Osram Sirius 280W HRI lamp and is very compact and light. The high efficent glass optic system has been modified to create very sharp cutting edges in beam and spot mode.

  • One who is looking for very powerful beam moving heads, is looking for the BSL Impact Beam 7R. This moving head is very well suited for outdoor use because of the use of the Osram 7R gas-discharge lamp.

  • The BSL Twist Beam 2R is most suited for the heavier jobs. It is equipped with a state of the art gas-discharge lamp: the Osram Sirius 2R. These lamps have a very narrow beam angle of two degrees, which makes for a beam that reaches enormously far. Even when used outdoors, the performance will not disappoint you. You can also remotely configure all...

  • The Pegasus is a revolutionary effect in the world of moving heads. This beam moving head can adjust the beam angle between the individual LED’s. The Pegasus is equipped with 5 pieces of the newest 30 Watt RGBW Osram LED with professional optics. His pan & tilt movement is endless, so you can go to every position in the blink of an eye.

  • The BSL Twist Spot 75LED is a compact moving head with professional features. For example, think of a 3 facet prism. The moving head contains a 75 Watt LED source, which makes it well suited for medium-sized events.

  • The BSL Twist Beam 7LED is compact, but is provided with powerful motors which make the moving head incredibly quick. A 540 degree rotation takes just 2,5 seconds. Because of the seven 15 Watt Osram 4in1 LED’s, the moving head has an output of 15000 Lux @ 2.5 metres.

  • The BSL Impact Spot 180LED is very powerful thanks to its 180 watt LED source. It is equipped with an iris-function, frost filter, 3 facet and 8 facet prism. Furthermore, additional features such as colour bounce, rotating gobos and RDM are included as well. The Impact Spot 180LED is well suited for heavy-duty use and will surely not let you down.

  • The BSL Impact Zoom 15LED is a very powerful wash movinghed with a motorized zoom. With this zoom function you can vary the beam angle between 15 and 60 degrees.

  • The BSL Magic Zoom 19 is very nice wash moving head with motorized zoom. Thanks to its special honeycomb lens, it has perfect colour mixing and a zoom ranging from 6 to 66 degrees. On top of that, the moving head is equipped with powerful three phase motors to ensure swift and noiseless motion.

  • The BSL Impact 6 LED Eye is unique in its kind. The moving head is equipped with an arm which consists of two individually controllable heads with 3 x 20 Watt white Osram LED’s each. These LED’s make six strong beams, which in its turn makes it suited for the heavier work as well. Ofcourse, it is featured with RDM options, which ensures optimal control of...

  • The Helios is our hero in the BSL family. He is equipped with a powerful 300 watt LED, which produces an output equivalent to a traditional 1200W head. The BSL Helios has CMY + CTO functions and an enormous zoom range from 6 to 48 degrees.

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